Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hey, it works.

After months of deliberation and consternation, I’ve officially gotten with the ‘90s and entered the world of social media. God help us all.

As a means of providing more up-to-date information about my artwork, my fishing and well … anything else (it’s a blog, after all), I’ve launched the site, “Dan Sharley and the Art of Fishing.”

Hopefully, you’ll forgive me for the title and still enjoy what I have to offer. As a side-benefit of this site, you’ll be able to see some of my recently-completed artwork – including many original paintings that are for sale.

This blog is also designed to be a less-formal companion to my more-formal Web site, That site is still the flagship of the Dan Sharley enterprise … which probably overstates things just a tiny, wee bit. But hey, it's my blog.

If my artwork’s main subjects didn’t tip you off, I also like to fish. A lot. As a form of self-indulgence that hopefully results in some sort of benefit of the reader, I’ll post the occasional fishing report. No promises on great trophy shots – or even great trophy stories. Think “Hunt for Big Fish,” but without the big fish. Or, in some cases, even a medium-sized one. But, I try hard. That’s gotta count for something.

I’ll be back again soon. I promise.

Thanks for reading. And, thanks for the interest in my artwork.

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