Saturday, September 6, 2008

Road Rash and the Greenway Arts Festival

Earlier today, in an attempt to shed some poundage and to keep up the cardio, I went out bike-riding. While I’m certainly no Armstrong, I do manage to put several miles on my fixed-frame, old-school mountain bike each week and today seemed like a good day to hit the pavement, so to speak.

Unfortunately, 30 minutes into the ride, that exactly what I did. As I steered my bike to the sidewalk in advance of a traffic light, my front tire “caught an edge” on a driveway, causing the bike to fall over and skid – with me in tow – for about 30 feet. Sprawled out and cursing like a Lebowski, I checked myself for any life-threatening injuries and thankfully only found a few cuts and a very-prodigious “road rash,” which covered the right side of my body. Bruised but not broken, I hopped back on my bent-up bike and pedaled my way back home.

Upon arrival, I promptly set out to cleanse the open wounds, first taking a shower, then applying what-I-thought-was hydrogen pyroxide. It was not until several ibuprofen and ice bags later did my wife notice that a bottle of rubbing alcohol – and not hydrogen pyroxide – had been left on the bathroom vanity. Well, I said, that explains the screaming.

Switching gears to the art-front … I’m looking forward to Sept. 20, when I’ll be one of the many artists manning a booth at the 4th annual Greenway Arts Festival in Murfreesboro. This is a really cool, really laid-back art show on the banks of the Stones River. It runs from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., and it takes place at the Thompson Lane trailhead. I’ll be offering some new, never-before-seen, original artwork, along with a selection of limited-edition giclee prints. Please stop by and say hello.

Oh, and I’ve been doing some fishing lately. Anthony, David and Mark have been the normal compatriots and we’ve found more than a few ways to fool some trout. To prove it, here’s a picture of yours truly with a nice brown. I swear I caught it.

Tight lines everyone.

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