Tuesday, June 2, 2009


MidCurrent.com is the most-visited fly-fishing Web site in the world. It's officially described as an independent provider of fly fishing news, literature and advice ... developed by "experienced anglers and guides who enjoy helping others learn." Less officially, it's a really cool site ... and kind of like a "one-stop shop" for everything involving fly-fishing on the Web.

Editor and publisher Marshall Cutchin contacted me a couple of months ago to be the featured artist on his wonderful site. He had discovered me and my artwork as a result of an e-mail interaction with my good friend and fly-fishing guide, David Perry. I was blown away by the offer, as I've frequented Marshall's site over the past couple of years. After a few e-mail conversations over the last few weeks, the deal finally came to fruition and I'm now in some pretty exclusive company on the site.

If you get a chance, please take a good, long look at MidCurrent.com ... if you haven't been reading it already. My painting, Bonefish, is proudly (well, at least I'm proud of it) on the homepage. Heck, take a good, long look at it too ... and maybe even think about purchasing a limited-edition giclee print of it for a nice Father's Day gift ... and please tour the site, taking in the tips and tales from some of the best fly-fishing minds on the planet. And, tell your friends.

Speaking of Father's Day, we're just a few short weeks away from the big event. If you're interested in getting something special for the guy who seemingly has everything he needs and is impossible to buy for, you may want to think about a fish print. Shallowfish.com can set you up with a variety of my limited-edition prints, and if they don't have the painting you're looking for, please contact me directly. You can also contact The Art House in Murfreesboro (615-867-2780) to ask James or Will about the original paintings and limited-edition prints I have for sale in their gallery.

As always, thanks for the interest in my artwork. And, tight lines everybody.


Alan Folger said...

WOW! Congratulations Dan. This had to happen. For Midcurrent not to feature your work would be worse than me not showing up for dinner. Your work is fantastic and it’s great to see the recognition that you are getting...but don’t go and pull a “Susan Boyle” on us. The rest of us in the piscatorial art community need you around for the inspiration you provide!


Dan said...

Thanks Alan -- and while I'm tempted to say that I probably would look just as good in a dress as Susan Boyle, I won't because that would be mean. I appreciate the good words, though. Hope all is well with you, Shirley and your own piscatorial artistic pursuits.

Alan Folger said...

Hey Dan!
Check out the Moldy Chum today. It ain't Midcurrent but it's a start.