Saturday, September 26, 2009


I woke last night to the sound of thunder.

And, it's still raining. While it's difficult to keep perspective on this, I do have to remind myself that we've basically been in a drought for the past three years. God's just decided to mount a late-inning rally in order to catch up. Bring it on, I guess.

According to the Weather Channel Girl (with her perfect weather curl), things should start to dry up tomorrow. Which is good, because if it doesn't, we'll soon be completely surrounded by monster toadstools.

As mentioned in the last post, the cancellation of the Greenway Arts Festival postponed my attempts to share with you my newest painting, entitled Seventeen. And, as promised in that same post, I'm sharing it now with you.

Seventeen is a 11 x 15 watercolor painting on Arches 140-pound paper. The painting features 17 brook trout in various spawning colors. The trout portrayed represent the eastern strain of the brookies, the Appalachian variety and one of their monster cousins from Labrador. I had a lot of fun with the color on this one, and while the details were numerous, the resulting work is one of my brightest-colored paintings yet. I hope you enjoy it.

The original painting is for sale for $1100 and I'm in the process of having limited-edition giclee prints made of it as well. The prints will be part of a series of only 100, with each being signed and numbered by me. If you're interested in purchasing the original or one of the prints, please contact me at

I'm also working on a commissioned painting for a good friend of mine. Anthony caught a really nice rainbow trout during a recent trip to Montana. The fish -- which measured 24 inches long and a gloriously fat 5-inches in width -- made such an impact on Anthony that he asked me to paint it for him. These "catch and release" paintings are always fun for me to do, and if you're ever interested in having me paint one for you, please let me know.

Well, the rain's just stopped. If it dries up a little, I'll get outside and try to mow my mushrooms. There's a lot to do right now ... especially with autumn closing in.


Alan Folger said...

Well, finally. If I had logged on today and not seen the brookies I would have been...well, let's put it this way. I wouldn't have been amazed! That is some fantastic work Dan. Each and every fish is a work of art in itself, and the combination of all of them together is stunning. It was worth the wait!


Dan said...

Thanks a ton, Alan. I really appreciate the kinds words.
And, just think, now that I've finally finished the painting, I can devote more time to "researching" the next one. Hope all is well with you ... and tight lines, of course.

TNangler said...

Dan - just picked up MY FISH - thanks for an absolutely incredible painting. I couldn't be more pleased.


Phil said...

Awesome painting I think this is one of the best book trout paintings I have seen yet, it must have taken some serious patience to complete. I think brook trout is one of the harder fish to paint.