Friday, September 18, 2009

Thinking 'bout building an ark

Over the past few days, Rutherford County has been pounded with rain -- so much so that the Stones River rose nearly 20 feet on Thursday evening. We've had more rain today and are scheduled to continue getting wet weather for the next few days. At various points yesterday, Murfreesboro's greenway system was completely submerged by the overflowing Stones -- including the section near the Thompson Lane trailhead, which was the intended site of the Greenway Arts Festival.

Sadly and reluctantly, the Festival's organizers decided that the only course of action was to cancel tomorrow's event. The ground has been completely saturated with rain, turning it to mush. And, even though the river has receded from its flood levels, it is prone to rise quickly with additional rainfall. Ultimately, the organizers made the right call.

There are no plans to reschedule.

I'm disappointed, but certainly understand the reasons behind the cancellation. While I won't get to reveal my newest painting (Seventeen) to the public in the way I had intended, I will post a copy of it here in the coming days.

This afternoon, a heavy thunderstorm dropped an additional inch of rain on Murfreesboro. As the storm moved on, the sun came out and the conditions became perfect for a rainbow. Well, we got one. Then another one. Double bows. Nice.

While I was snapping a few pictures of the rare site, one of the many hummingbirds who frequent our backyard perched on a branch from a crepe myrtle and took in the multi-colored glow. In between raindrops, I got a cool shot of the inquisitive female.

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